Eloqua Community: The State of Content Marketing 2014 Survey Report

Modern Content Marketing Benchmarks - FREE Report

What are modern marketers doing in the way of content marketing in 2014?

How much content are modern marketers producing and for what purposes? What metrics are they recording and how are they measuring content marketing effectiveness? How are they using other people's content? What trends are influencing their content marketing? 

This free report from LookBookHQ and Oracle Eloqua has the answers to these content marketing questions and more. It contains the responses from over 200 modern marketers from across the Eloqua community and is required reading for anyone looking to understand content marketing in 2014.

You'll learn:

  • What types of content modern marketers are producing, how regularly and for what purposes.
  • How modern marketers use other people's content.
  • What are the key challenges facing modern content marketing.
  • How well are modern marketers aligning content with the buyer's journey. 
  • What metrics modern marketers capture and how they assess content marketing effectiveness.
  • The major trends impacting content marketing activities.

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